2020 Global Youth Video Competition

  • Video Theme
    Ending Sexual Violence in Conflict through a Survivor-centered Approach
  • Eligibility
    Youth ages of 19-34 from all countries are eligible to participate
    ※ Open to both individuals and teams/ Each participant (team) can submit one piece of work
  • Video Genres
    All types of video content including documentary, music videos, movie, promotional video, campaign and animation are welcome. [Within 5 minutes]
    ※ Submit your file in a video format (e.g. avi, mp4). The maximum file size is 600 MB.
    ※ Title of Video : (YYMMDD)_Participant’s name/team_Title
  • Submission Deadline
    Nov. 13(Fri.), 2020 via e-mail [awpcontest2020@gmail.com]
    ※ Send your application and all other required documents along with your video
  • Competition Process
  • Awards
  • Inquiries

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